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Aleppo creates a Caliphate... [Along with a Goodbye Thread]


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Dec 8, 2019
Al' Andalus
In the deserts of the old Emirate of Aleppo, from years ago-almost 14 years ago when the great Emir of Aleppo, Yulian Ambadir perished...however-his son, Ibn Ambadir-has taken the throne, and wishes to bring reform to the mighty city.

First thing he did was kidnap the Byzantine Princess, the daughter of Aelia Komnenos-Helena Komnene, along with all other hot females in the court, now they serve in his Harem, as Ibn Ambadir follows in his chad father's footsteps. He --- to her & they had 3 children, adding Byzantine blood to the Islamic family. Next he starts a Uprising, creating Aleppo as a Independent state-however still giving close ties with the Seljuk state. Next he raids Jerusalem with 70% Seljuk soldiers & the rest Syrian, he wins of course as hes muslim, and being muslim is epic-since you do math/science & focus on Allah, perhaps ill convert who knows...He walks up to the Jerusalem church thingy & puts the Syrian flag on its dome, yelling from above;"ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR, ALLAHU AKBAR!!!", as his soldiers yell with him "ALLAHU AKBAR-ALLAHU AKBAR!" their chants echo throughout the land, the persecuted peoples of the evil crusaders hear their voices, finding hope in these heroes, slaughtering the tyrants & bringing justice to the peoples.

After ruling over the entire levant, the Emirate of Aleppo merges with Seljuk once more, then the rest of the middle east-they rule almost 1/5 of the whole world, being led by a super chad man. He raids Iberia & owns the whole thing, then marrying every single hot spanish noblewoman, as he knows that spanish women are very hot. And now the Caliphate owns basically everything, epic. The Caliph-sits in his palace smoking hookah, and getting good on his big ass harem, with very sexy woman from across the world in it-truly epic & chad, Yulian Ambadir, and Abd Al' Ali, smiles on him in heaven.

I gotta say, I truly love AoR and the community-its been such a joy, the Aleppo run-Almoravid, was very nice & the people I met during it made me some great friends...however im sorry about being a dick lol-I'll be leaving AoR, as ofcourse its closing I have no choice even If I wanted to stay...Im mainly playing other servers with friends I made on here(which wont be named as I dont wanna get banned haha) along with doing a 'project' with my best e-friend, french_commune-heres some letters to everyone.

@mintyroses | I cherish every single second I spend with you, you are my joy & love -I could never let go of that-I love you so much, and I cant wait to spend more time with you :3 -btw i liked you since you asked me for that skin request xDD

@Patrict | You're like my brotha, from another motha-semite bro ✡

@OliverPanda | you're always there for me, and one of the best friends one could have, AND YOUR A EPIC BUILDR I LOVE IT

@Rashidamon | gracias for getting me hooked on reggaeton lmao, and sorry for being a dick during the whole spanish coup xD, i hope you get a high rank in the argentine military... ¡CARA AL SOL! ¡ARRIBA ESPAÑIA! ¡VIVA!

@Eze | really based, and a good friend...very epic & fellow puerto rican ¡CARA AL SOL! ¡ARRIBA ESPAÑIA! ¡VIVA!

@Shur_Da_IceCube | you too are like a brother, sad to see you leave but it was a joy hanging out-i hope we could meet again-either way i give you my blessing (y), EY IRAN!!!

@Zephoros | Cuban bro

@mmjinae | ngl i think you're pretty epic, a nice educated person-i wish you a good life

@Umejii | erp with sushy

@choochoo500 | your cuman run was quite cringe, but you seem like a nice person, i cant wait to vassalize you on another server...*Ceddin Deden starts to play*

@ErosTea | my fav builder :3

@TheExiledCactus | you probs wont be reading this, though id like to say, im sorry for being a dick :/

@Cocohop | i do support bashar

@DATKITTYKAT | very cringe, but epic

@redmantoo2 | yeah hi

@y_6 | habibi & epic master shitposter


i think theres more but ill edit that in lol

Scumbag list

@GamerNici | yo fuck you, sure i wont call you a 'pedo' anymore, however you're still a catfish & a loli lover, i hold no respect towards you, and i hope others feel likewise

@confucius21 | I thought you were a nice jewish guy-Sephardi jew, and with it then i already hold respect & interest towards all who are jewish, though-not those who are racist, i hope you change your views on asians lol

Goodbye everyone, it was nice playing this server-it have me memories ill cherish.

*would ride off into the distance like a chad*

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May 3, 2020
As noobish as the Almoravids were, you guys made the server fun. If only skirmishes were a thing who knows what could have happened...
I'll make sure to immortalise your epic actions in the HOI4 mod.
However I now own your nation..

"One Empire, One People, One God"
How does it feel to be under Norman rule?
Nah but seriously, Almoravids were based, you guys kept Sicily alive. Was epic :cool:
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