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Valid "Bara döda fiskar följer strömmen"


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Oct 1, 2019
As the sun started to set once again, and the last few visitors began to leave, the local townsfolk knew their festival had been an immense success. Hundreds - better yet, thousands of visitors had come to celebrate the rebirth of Christ in the local municipality of Brakka, a recently converted hamlet (in the near vicinity of Skara) which was eager to show its devotion to the Lord. However, before the festivity could be truly over, a ceremony of prayer had to be performed. As a reward for the community's piety, a bishop came all the way from Skara to lead the ceremony. This, of course, caused many to stay just a tad bit longer, for such an honourable guest would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most.

Once the bishop commenced the ceremony, a local noticed something odd in the distance: a corpse - it couldn't've from a sick man, seeing as it was dressed in a guard's uniform - however, he knew better than to disturb this holy rite - a decision which would prove to be fatal. As the ceremony came to an end, the servants of God performed their (last) prayers, and just as the bishop would loudly exclaim "Amen", another voice - a rather unfamiliar, but rough one - hijacked this part of the service.

"Thor, give me strength, for this action shall bring upon chaos, but clarity", he shouted as he skillfully pierced the skull of the bishop with his bow. What would follow next, could only be described by one word: massacre. Norse Pagans had infiltrated the mass and surrounded the Christians from all sides, denying them any opportunity to escape. However, before Biørn Sigmond, the apparent leader of the operation, gave his followers the command to begin the slaughter, he shouted - as if he were truly possessed by his Gods - one clear sentence: "Bara döda fiskar följer strömmen."

This information, as it was proclaimed a national emergency, was soon after delivered to the King of Sweden. It was now up to him to choose how to deal with this information and strike down this barbaric and pagan cult. This choice, however, wouldn't be simple, as nobody knew who they were; for once, their enemies were unknown, yet still amongst them. Surely, if the King ignored this matter, the pagan cult would only further grow - perhaps even forge alliances with Norskira - and take over (or slaughter) major cities.

May the Lord have mercy on their souls and strike down those who have wronged his servants

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Sep 30, 2019
Gabriel receives the news later then expected, taken mildly ill as of late. The King is deeply saddened by the act of murder, but instead of being hasty to draw swords in a vain attempt to root out the unknown pagans with force, instead uses the slaughtered Bishop as a way to propagate the faith. Churches in all of Sweden say masses for the soul of the Bishop, and a letter is sent to Rome at the King's instigation, asking for the martyred Bishop of Skara, Hervard, to have a cause for canonization looked into. These great acts of piety have had a great affect on the Swedish public, and isolated incidents of witch hunts have ensued where neighbors have, in religious fervor attempted to root out possible pagans and witches themselves, with the local guardsmen having little sympathy. In case of civil strife, a retinue has been organized at Uppsala, Gabriel's capital and the seat of Svealand. A smaller war-band has been gathered at the request of the allied Thing of All Geats in Skara to defend from another similar attack, at the King's approval. A second dispatch is sent to Örebro, the town garrisoned by the Order of the Vigil, imploring them to be vigilant and asking that they end the practice of employing pagans in the construction of the fortress, and instead put them to use building roads, both to allow for better infrastructure and to make it less likely that the master plans of the castle and her defenses do not find themselves in the wrong hands.