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Accepted Gwendolyn Clark's Introduction


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Jul 26, 2020
Player's IGN: vvespertine

Personal Information

Character’s Full Name: Gwendolyn Rue Clark
Nicknames: Gwen (by close friends)
Rue (by family members)

Lori Clark (Alive)
Father: Thomas Clark (Dead)
Brother: Jakob Clark (Alive)
Brother: Aksel Clark (Alive)

Age/Date of Birth: 23 years. born 17th of October, 1091

Place of birth/Nationality: Denmark

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Religious Beliefs: Catholicism

Titles: None

Character Appearance

Height: 5'7"

Hair Color: Light brown

Eye Color: Gray

Loyal to family and those she cares about

Extremely level-headed and unbiased (good and bad)
Often too ambitious for her own good
Startled easily

Character History

(Please note that all events occurring in England are fictional, and do not intend to fit into the lore of England on the actual server. Also, seeing as this server is set in the 1100s, I'm not sure if any kind of Naval corporations exist, or if they do, what the proper term for them is. Please let me know if this is an issue in the backstory!)

Through her adolescence, Gwendolyn had witnessed countless struggles between her two brothers, Aksel and Jakob. Aksel would take the moral approach to assuage Jakob's pessimistic disposition. Gwendolyn, having witnessed these debates, had developed a propensity for neutrality, having always wanted to understand both of her brothers. Though one night in 1108, a disagreement had turned into more than a bitter exchange of words. Her father, Kontreadmiral of the Danish Navy, had been missing for countless weeks after being assumed lost at sea, but that night, the news had reached the Clark's that he was deceased; his cause of death unknown. To Gwendolyn, Aksel and Jakob, their father was everything. He often took them onto his ship and taught them the ways of sailing. It was their way of bonding, and they shared a special kind of relationship that way. That night, her two brothers slammed diatribes back and forth, debating how their father's fate came to be. Aksel insisted that their father had gone honorably, however Jakob asserted that his death was the result of careless behavior on the ship. All Gwendolyn and her mother could do was hope they'd resolve it, as they always did. Despite their hopes, Jakob turned violent, and struck Aksel, rendering him aching on the floor of their residence. Not being able to bear another family member's suffering or deal with the possible collapse of her family, she rushed to the ship that her and her father always sailed on, and left her town in Denmark behind. She sailed West, and eventually wound up on the docks of England.
Here, she would go on to enlist in their Royal Guard. She patrolled her city as she moved up the ranks while making close friends over time. After experiencing corruption from their King, various members of the Guard decided to rebel. Thus, the Rebellion Allegiance was formed and received support from the Dutch, as Gwendolyn's father was well respected in the Dutch Navy. Gwendolyn, being the only member with sailing knowledge, was named the captain, and would lead the ships to their destination. Once settled, Gwendolyn continued to pursue her Naval career.


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Roleplay Coordinator
Oct 1, 2019
Hello @Vespertine

We are glad to report that we have come to the conclusion to accept your application!

Please contact a member of staff in order to receive your new character name. For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.