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Accepted Kievan Rus' Application

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Mar 24, 2020
Nation Name: Kiev (Kievan Rus)

Who you are starting this nation with: Cassida

Your IGN:


Your Discord:

What makes you fit to lead this nation:
I, myself am of slavic descent, and considering that the land of Kievan Rus' has close ties to my own nation's history. Apart from this my goal is to accurately recreate the feel and shape in which Kiev was formed.

Nation’s Religion:
Orthodox Christian, with small Slavic pagan communities

Nation’s Architecture:
Kievan Rus's predominant style during the 10th century was wooden architecture, or the style with prevalent presence of wooden structures. During the 11th century however, numerous Orthodox Christian churches were built, their shape being a combination of romanesque style and Byzantine influences. During 12th century, when the events of the server are taking place, several more orthodox churches were built, yet this time, stylized to look more lightweight, by extending and supporting the arcs. This allowed for the decorations to be implemented into the arcs and supporting elements, giving the buildings a more vertical feel. The towns and villages had developed significantly in the period of X-XIII century, during which the grods and Northern Rus's hillforts blazed the trail for the first kremlins. Around the beginning of the 12th century, several schools of architecture had been present - which introduced buildings made of ashlar, which used calcite, alabaster, dolomite and sandstone, which why it was named the White Stone's architecture.
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Nation’s Government: Kievan Rus' is a duchy, with a Grand Duke in charge. The Kievan Rus' was a monarchy with a prominent seigniorage system.

Nation’s History (Real Life): The history of Kievan Rus' begins with an expedition of Oleg The Wise in 882, which led to the unification of northern and southern duchies of Rus'. Oleg had moved the capital from Novgorod to Kiev, which resulted in the official estabilishing of Kievan Rus'. At first the duchy was an union of lower autonomous duchies. In 912/922 Igor and Oleg Rurykovich, both proclaiming to be the heir to the title, signed trading contracts with Byzantine Empire, which granted the Duchy viable margin of profits. Around the second half of 10th century Duchess Olga, had the country centralized and the administrative regulations formed, at least to a certain degree. Olga's son, Sviatoslav I was a prominent warchief, reaching Crimea and Balkans during his war expeditions. In 988, Volodymyr I, married the Byzantine Emperor's sister, and received baptism, making christianity a state religion. Yaroslav I "The Wise" had strengthened the position of Orthodox Christianity in Kievan Rus' during his rule, around the mid-11th century. Even though christianity was adopted, it wasn't until the mid-15th century, when the lands of Rus were entirely converted, as the slavic pagan tradition stood very strong. As of the dawn of 12th century Kievan Rus' remains in the midst of feudal fragmentation.

Nation's Server History (Roleplay): Nothing, yet.


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Sep 18, 2019
Hello @DrInsano,

After reviewing and discussing your application with the staff team, we are glad to report that we have come to the conclusion to accept it! For any further questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

Thank you for applying!
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