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Leaving the server, maybe the greater community in general.


Mar 28, 2020
The main reason I played and joined AoR was due to the concept of the enemy of my enemy is my friend, in that case, AoR being my friend to take down RC. RC is gone. I have many reasons to leave the server, one being the fact that I have genuinely no motivation to play anymore due to how the subcommunities within the greater community are treated. This greater community is more divided than the Balkans, and it is quite true due to the number of subcommunities within the greater community. I admire the dedication of the staff team on this server, although I disagree with their ideals. I have constantly tried to give feedback to staff about everything to what I and may others think would better the server. However, this feedback is never accepted, and it is time for me to stop giving it, as I have given the server enough chances to change for the better, at least in my opinion. The greater community as a whole is toxic, and very divided compared to what it once was when I joined it 4 years ago. Due to this, I simply find it unbearable to watch anymore. However, if Kiev declares war on Cumania, I will help Choo fight them off, otherwise, I am leaving. If you need to contact me, my discord is French_Commune#3882, and I am almost always available. I wish the best of luck to the greater community and AoR.