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Accepted Niccolo Machiavelli Introduction

Mar 24, 2020
Player's IGN: (Your in-game name)

Personal Information

Character’s Full Name:
Niccolo Machiavelli

Father: Alessandro Machiavelli (Dead)
Mother: Marguerite Machiavelli (Dead)

Age/Date of Birth: (State your character’s age, and at least the year your character was born)
Age: 53
Date of birth: 1048

Place of birth/Nationality: (State the place of birth and/or nationality of your character)
Rome, Papal States

Sexual Orientation: (State the sexual orientation of your character)

Religious Beliefs:
(State the religious beliefs of your character)
Devoted Catholic

Titles: Cardinal (Approved by willatron)

Character Appearance
A short overweight man, Niccolo can always be found wearing the garments of a cardinal and flaunting his personal wealth.

Height: (List the height of your character)

Hair Color: (List the color of your character’s hair)
Shorty thick black hair

Eye Color: (List the color of your character’s eyes)
Light hazel eyes

+ Religious Fanatic
+ Intelligent
- Ill tempered
- Greedy
- Unscrupulous
- Lazy

Character History
Born into a upper class religious family Niccolo was groomed for a life within the church from a young age. He spent the majority of his younger life studying law is prestigious schools across Italy. His father a wealthy merchant who had deep ties to the papacy in Rome, provided all he needed for his younger years allowing Niccolo to live a life of wealth and pleasure. Living off his fathers coin Niccolo never had to worry about working hard in his life, he was always guided and pushed by father to be more successful but he never found a truly calling he could follow, till his father thru connections and coin found him a place with in the church serving as a bishop in a small city in. He continued in this roll doing the bare minimum to fulfill his duties. Noticing his discontent in his position his father further bribed Niccolo way deeper into the church till he was made a cardinal. Niccolo has retained his cardinal position for the last several years, during his service to the church he has begun to work more closely with units of the Papal Guard and serving a liaison between the Papal Office and the Guard. After the death of his father in 1083, his life changed little rather then it was now him paying the bribes that allowed his lavish life style rather then his father. Niccolo has continued his lavish life, preferring to spend his days drinking and womanizing then doing any hard work.
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Sep 27, 2019
Congratulations! Your character application has been accepted. Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions or concerns.

AOR Staff Team


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Sep 27, 2019
There's been plenty of people born in different periods of time with the same name. Given that there's nearly 450 years difference in time with severely different descriptions of characters, it is entirely reasonable that his character can exist and, as such, be accepted.
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