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Pomeranian victory in Szczecin


Mar 30, 2020
*The following can be extracted from a pamphlet spread among fishermen and merchants, hastily copied and write over of the original version*

Szczecin, august 1112
In the year of 1112, month august, the Pomeranian tribes accompanied with Polish knights were unannouncedly sieged by barbarian troops of the Holy Roman Empire. With ongoing efforts by roman catholic missionaries to convert the pagans, hastily catapult impact sounds could be heard and the poor peoples stormed to the walls to defend their settlement. Duke Warcislaw himself stood up on the wall, with a variety of officers and friends from Poland united to command their garrisons against the Germanic barbarians.

It could be expected, and despite the outnumbered amount of barbarians that surrounded Szczecin, the forces of Pomerania and Poland did prevail. A decisive victory it was, when they managed to bribe Germanic officers to make faulty the catapult which made it impact itself and the ground beneath, disastrous outcome for three of the barbarian troops already. With fired arrows the Polish shot upon the bridge, making it break resulting in two Germanic invaders drowning as they were brought away by the tide into the deep sea of monsters. One pagan warrior went on rampage, as he shouted 'Tuvan!' and ran with his halberd into the group of imbeciles.

Painting: "loss for Germanic imbeciles, us slavics prevail"