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Accepted request for Sweden


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Jul 29, 2020
Name of Post: (Your username)’s (Nation name) Application=Almaric_Ier1752

Nation Name: (Enter the name of the nation you are applying for)=Sweden

Who you are starting this nation with: (Optional during alpha, the maximum amount of players is capped at 15)=Cochonbeuge and Loulou78

Your IGN: (Your in-game Name)=Christian Alphonse VIII

Your Discord: (Please enter your discord and include the discriminator. Example: YourName#2019)=Momo85#4373

What makes you fit to lead this nation: (Describe your qualities and why you should be allowed to lead the nation you are applying for)
I would like to lead a nation because I have always loved leading a people. I am Christian and courteous, all the qualities for a good king of Sweden. The best (in my opinion) is to give an inheritance and count as one of the king of Sweden!

Nation’s Religion: (Name the religion your nation currently has) =Christendom

Nation’s Architecture: (Name the architectural style predominantly used in your nation)= Medieval


Nation’s Government: (Name the type of government your nation has) =Absolute monarchy

Nation’s History (Real Life): (In your own words, write up a brief summary of the existing history of the nation you are applying for up until the current date of the server)

Sweden was colonized by prehistoric people only in the Stone Age. The first inhabitants took advantage of hunting, fishing, and gathering of the Baltic Sea. During the Bronze Age, Sweden experienced a high population density who lived prosperously.

The Romans will discover the Swedes in the first century after JC with Tacitus or Jordanès

During the ninth and tenth centuries, Viking culture flourished throughout Scandinavia thanks to trade, looting and settlement movements towards the east (Baltic States, Russia and the Black Sea).

Nation's Server History (Roleplay): (Describe everything you know about the server history of the nation you are applying for) No, I dont know the story of Sweden in this Serveur
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Sep 30, 2019
Sweden already has a leader

P.S. Rp-Coords are kinda gay
Belgium is a fake country
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