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Accepted Stanislav's Introduction


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Oct 30, 2019
Character Introductions

Player's IGN: Olkusz_Ssak12

Personal Information

Character’s Full Name: Stanislav


Father Mojmir (alive)
Mother Dobrawa (alive)

Age/Date of Birth: 25 years old Don't know exact date since he didn't had calendar.

Place of birth/Nationality: Ciemnogrod Poland

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Religious Beliefs: Slavic Paganism

Titles: None

Character Appearance

Height: 182cm

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Brown



Character History

Born in Ciemnogrod in south-western Poland. His father was a hunter, so his son took over after him. From an early age he learned archery, skinning animals and general survival in the wilds. He was always taught to respect nature, because according to pagan beliefs it is the home of many demons. At the age of 8 he got lost in the forest and stayed there for the night. He encountered an old man with a long gray beard who came out of the bushes. He was weirdly dressed in robes of leaves and bark. A deer walked beside him. The old man offered help to the boy. He led him to a cave in the forest and fed him with forest berries. In the morning he led him to the edge of the forest near his house and returned to the forest. Little Stanislav wanted to lead his father to his forest friend, but when he reached the place of the cave there was nothing there. Everyone thought it was a child's imagination. From that time he was very spiritual. When he grew up he built a hut on the edge of the forest and lives there to this day. He replaced his father as a village hunter. He regularly participates in all rites. You can call it even religious fanaticism. He is especially devoted to God Perun.​
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