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Accepted Theodore Doyle's - Character Introduction


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Oct 1, 2019
Player's IGN: Nacholebraa

Personal Information

Character’s Full Name: Theodore Doyle | Teddy | Doyle

Family: - All have perished

Age/Date of Birth: 1080

Sexual Orientation: straight

Titles: Keeper of the Mines

Character Appearance

Height: 5 Feet - 10 Inches

Hair Color: Dark Brown (Almost Black)

Eye Color:

Handy - Positive
Hardworking - Positive
Alcoholic - Negative

Child-friendly - Neutral
Influential - Negative
Stubborn - Negative

Character History

From the early days of Teddy's life, he learned to work for everything he wanted. Teddy took up his father's job to help support the family in the time of struggle. A disease that swept through the town took his family members from him. Distraught and struggling to stay afloat, a king's messager came to his village in the looks for strong boys to help in the mines. Seeing the opportunity and the want to leave his once loving home, he now wanted to separate himself from the burden this home brings him now.

He accepts the offer and begins work mining the precious ores that will help build the kingdom of Scotland. Overtime, Teddy started to get more and more recognition for his work and effort he has placed in the mines. A terrible incident leads him to gain a promotion of Master of the Mines when a terrible cave-in occurred and took half of the mine within him.​